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Ankle Pain, An a Eye Opener... Just in time for the holidays.

Ankle Pain, An a Eye Opener... Just in time for the holidays. 
by Aurora Opes
November 27,2013

Roughly 3 months ago, I began experiencing ankle swelling.  This was primarily one ankle.  I started tracking my diet and noticed every time I ate eggs, my ankle would swell.  After giving up eggs completely, my swelling progressed to unbearable pain in my right ankle. 
The pain in my ankle actually felt like it was in my lower leg bone right above the ankle joint.  On a scale from 1 to 10, I was at an eleven!  How could this be? I get plenty of Calcium, Phosphorus, & Vitamin D3 (the active form).  Without a memory of any particular injury, and having pain that felt like a wrench twisting my bone from the inside, my mind began to whirl with diagnosis possibilities.  Talk about scary !  Although the specialist said it was a bad sprain;  it felt like it  could be a fracture. Without a known injury, a fracture could mean big trouble ahead from weakening bones.  
After 2 weeks of immobilizing my right lower leg; and needless to say, building up my upper body strength due to using only crutches --- enough had thankfully been ENOUGH!
I was in a place where I couldn't have my usual breakfast burger. By lunch, my ankle and leg felt much better.  I proceeded to remove beef from my diet.  Three days later I was virtually pain free!  One week after having no beef-- I was walking and nearly running again. 
Putting the pieces together.....
I've had a burger every day for over 6 months. I thought whey protein and eggs were causing ankle swelling and GI upset, and besides, I so enjoyed the calming, mind, and hormonal benefits of animal fat and protein coming from the beef I was eating; hence, I was up to eating beef three times a day!  I know..... overkill, right.  
Another piece....loose, very loose stool every morning. 
A third piece... Energy. Energy I didn't even realize wasn't there until I stopped eating the offending food.  

Leaky gut- a condition where allergens and other stressors cause a breakdown in the gut's immune system barrier- allowing entrance of agents into the blood and lymphatic system and entrance into other systems of the body. 

I understand this. Allergens and or Stress is likely at the heart of 75 percent or more of illness.  You may be thinking about beef being a potential allergen for you. I would say to you to FIRST make a request to your higher self, (for me, God) to reveal the answer to your concerns about potential allergens. Or better yet, declare that you are healthy and  whole.  That seems to be the the shortest road to getting results for me. 
That being said, I am trusting my internal guide. I will eat for nourishment first. I will not consume foods that are harmful to my body.   

These past few weeks have been eye opening for me. With the holidays approaching, I am more than ever, armored against the pressure of eating what my loved ones place before me. Let's face it, if I'm not at my best, I'm no good for 'holiday cheer' anyway!  I'll stay in my lane and allow those who love me to appreciate my confidence in standing up for my nutritional beliefs.    

Happy Holidays! & please don't forget to ' Pass Me The Butter, Baby & hold what ails me!!!'.  -Aurora Opes

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